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My Life

I was born and raised in South Florida. Growing up, I never had a taste for performing. Instead I just was constantly aware of how much I loved movies. Being fully immersed in a story were some of the few times I felt most alive, and knew as soon as I stumbled into acting, that being a storyteller was what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

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Artistic Statement

I strive in my work to push the limits of what's possible on and off the stage. I often refer to an essay by Anne Bogart on an Artist's purpose. She met a South African Poet who belonged to a nomadic desert tribe. He told her the role of the poets in his society was to help everyone remember where the water was. So they would never stray too far away from their most precious and valuable resource. This is an incredibly apt metaphor for the role of today's modern artist. We have to reflect the change we need in this world, and it falls on the storytellers to decide who gets remembered, and who doesn't. As a storyteller, I know I want to uplift the voices of those who haven't been heard so well in the past, as well as push the boundaries and conventions of what we call "theatre". I just want to do something that's never been seen before.

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"If you're afraid to fall, 
then you fall because you're afraid"

Daniel Ilabaca

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