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Play Scripts

To be redirected to New Play Exchange for a list of all my available plays as well as summaries and short character descriptions, please click here.

If you'll take a look at my resume, you will see I've been writing since 2016.  In that time, I have had the great fortune of having several professional stagings of my shows. I’ve been working hard to develop my own unique voice in the playwriting industry, and I strive to create something never before seen and totally bizarre to modern stages. Below you’ll find a showcase of some of my favorite recorded work, so have a look and let me know what you think.

Recordings Of Some Of My Shows:

Expectations - Student Theatre Association, Florida State University, 2018 Dir. Kara Grozan

Study Group Hooray! - Student Theatre Association, Florida State University, 2021

Dir. Brianna Eljaua

Play Scripts: Portfolio
Play Scripts: Instagram
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